lead-generation-1-greyscaleTarget Market

The Company has position itself as a major importer that will aggressively work to become a dominant force in the marketing and distribution of packaged food items in Nigeria.

Diversify Into Other Products

The major aspect of our growth strategy is to expand our brand into other packaged food items such as mayonnaise, canned fish, biscuits, seasoning, milk and beverages.

Build an extensive distribution network

The Company also anticipates that an extensive distribution network will give customers easier access to the products and will encourage them to make purchases.

Develop a Sales Force

The Company also intends to develop a sales force that will assist with developing and managing relationships in the different regions. Each region will have sales representatives, depending on how large the regional area is and the market size potential.

Business Development Strategy

The Company currently has a strong presence in the margarine by way of its Rhoda and Emily brands. We will leverage on our existing customer relationships and distribution network to diversify into other segment of the packaged food market.